Ai for Headshots: 4 Tools Reviewed - Photographer, don't worry. Your job is safe! For now.

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June 18, 2024

Lensa, TryItOn, ProfilePicture, & 1PhotoAi - tested and reviewed.

Spoiler: if you're a photographer, don't worry. Your job is safe! For now!

This Does Not Look Like Me!

The clothes were hideous. Maryrose would never wear anything like that. The hair wasn't a style she's ever had or wanted to have. And the face? It just wasn't her. These are the "professional" headshots we got from an Ai headshot app. Needless to say, we won't be using them. That was €17 not well spent.

The Importance of a Good Headshot

In today's digital age, having a good headshot is more important than ever. Whether for business or social purposes, a professional and engaging headshot often serves as the primary touchpoint for people interacting with you. Responding to this need, an entire ecosystem of Ai tools claims to make you look great in your headshots. But do they deliver?

My Experiment with Ai Headshot Tools

As part of the Ai for Marketing and Ai for Beginners courses, we focus on optimising LinkedIn profiles in the first week. A LinkedIn headshot is essential, so we put three Ai Headshot Generator Tools to the test. Here's what we found:

Ai Headshot Apps Reviewed

Try It On

Cost: $17 for 100 headshots

Free Trial: None

👎Requires uploading 20 pictures.

👎Getting the right size can be tricky.

👎Wait time: 17-24 hours.

👎Choosing 2 style categories is confusing.

👎Verdict: Not worth the hassle.


Cost: €29.99 per year

Free Trial: 7 days for €3.50

👎Promises magic retouch and Ai enhancement.

👎Requires uploading 20 pictures.

👎Didn't work on a Huawei phone.

👎Didn't deliver the stated number of images.

👎Verdict: Not suitable for business purposes.

Profile Picture

Cost: $8 for 96 small-sized pictures

👎Offers a 37% discount if you don't complete the purchase.

👎Requires uploading 20 pictures.

👎Photos ready in 3 hours.

👎Finding 20 usable images can be a challenge.

👎Tip: Flip images on a Windows machine (right-click + edit creates a 'new' image).

👎Verdict: Really disappointing.


Cost: $12 for 10 photo credits

Free Trial: None

👎Frequently offers 50% discounts.

👎Solves the problem of uploading multiple photos.

👎Photos delivered in seconds.

👎Photos look unrealistic and blurry.

👎Verdict: Not worth it.

AI Institute's Bonus Idea: MidJourney for Creative Headshots

While MidJourney is not designed to replicate realistic headshots from photos of real people, it can be an excellent tool for generating creative and professional-looking headshots. By using text prompts, MidJourney can produce artistic and imaginative visuals that might inspire unique photo shoots or enhance your design projects.


Cost: Starts at $10 per month for basic plans

Free Trial: Available

🔥Utilises advanced Ai to generate high-quality images.

🔥 Ideal for a wide range of design and photographic applications.

🔥Offers creative ideas and enhancements for photographers.

🔥Provides an affordable alternative for businesses needing professional visuals.

🔥Intuitive interface with extensive features.

🔥Consistently produces impressive results.

❤ Verdict: A great tool for generating creative headshots and visual ideas, though not for replicating realistic photos.

To get started with MidJourney, check out our easy setup instructions.

Enhance Your Visual Skills with Ai

Interested in mastering Ai tools like MidJourney? Enrol in our MidJourney for Designers course today. Learn how to create stunning visuals, gain inspiration for your photoshoots, and produce professional-quality images without breaking the bank.

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