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At the Ai Institute, we recognise that artificial intelligence represents a significant step forward in creative and technological advancement. Our mission is to democratise access to Ai education, making these powerful tools available to a diverse audience. To achieve this, we collaborate with various entities to integrate Generative Ai technologies into educational content, ensuring that it resonates with and empowers our learners.

However, the remarkable capabilities of Ai entails a responsibility to utilise them ethically and with transparency. That is why we have written this policy.

Purpose of This Policy

This policy serves as a guide for appropriate Ai usage within the Ai Institute. It safeguards our reputation and intellectual property while enabling our community to engage with Ai in a safe and responsible manner. As Ai evolves, so too will this policy, but its core mission remains constant: to leverage Ai's potential positively while maintaining ethical standards and integrity.

Ethical Use Guidelines


At the Ai Institute, we are committed to transparency in our Ai usage. We ensure our learners and partners are aware when Ai has contributed to content creation.
This is achieved through clear notifications across our educational materials and communications. Our commitment to transparency is fundamental to our approach to ethical Ai use.


Human oversight is vital in the application of Ai. Ai is a complementary tool, enhancing, not replacing, human ingenuity and judgement. All Ai-generated content undergoes thorough human review before being utilised in our courses. This ensures quality and alignment with our educational standards.

Avoiding Bias

Ai reflects the data it is trained on, and we recognise the risk of perpetuating societal biases. At the Ai Institute we are dedicated to producing Ai-generated content that is inclusive and ethical. We take active steps to identify and mitigate any biases, ensuring our content is accessible and fair to all.


Confidentiality is paramount at the Ai Institute. Our data privacy protocols encompass all aspects of our operations, including Ai use. We ensure sensitive data is protected, Ai tools are rigorously evaluated for security, and any breaches are immediately addressed.


Our security measures for Ai include thorough vetting of Ai applications, ongoing cybersecurity training, collaboration with Ai vendors for robust security protocols, and regular audits to identify and rectify vulnerabilities.

Ethical Ai Practices

As an educational institution, we use Ai to enhance our courses and support our learners, not to mislead or impersonate. We commit to legal and ethical Ai usage, respecting the limitations of these technologies. For example, we do not use image prompts using ‘in the style of…’ living artists because we believe they are entitled to earn their living and not have their work imitated by AI.

Responsible Use Procedures

Adhere to the approved set of AI tools.
Understand the tools and their limitations.
Ensure all team members are familiar with this policy.
Continuously update knowledge and training to match AI advancements.

Training & Compliance

Regular training sessions will be held to educate our team on the ethical and technical aspects of Ai. Our goal is to use Ai responsibly and ethically, enhancing our educational offerings while upholding our values.

Tool Selection

At Ai Institute, we recognise that the landscape of Ai tools and technologies is constantly evolving.
In line with our commitment to providing cutting-edge education, we regularly update our course content. Consequently, it can be challenging to keep this policy continuously updated with every change.

However, the main tools we currently utilise are as follows:

Google Gemini
Claude 3

These tools have been rigorously evaluated for their security, privacy, and compliance with GDPR and are deemed suitable for use in our educational activities.

As advancements are made and new tools emerge, we will update this list to reflect the most effective and secure options for our courses.

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