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From FOMO to Focus: How to build your own personal Ai Marketing Assistant

If you are a busy marketing professional feeling like there are never enough hours in a day, and you’re always short a team member then you are in the right place. As a marketer myself, I have spent countless hours and put a long list of Ai tools to the test in the pursuit of increased productivity and to get that competitive edge when working on marketing projects. So you can imagine my excitement when I finally built my very own personal Ai marketing assistant ready to take the most monotonous, time-consuming tasks off my head and transform my day from a never-ending to-do list to time for strategic thinking and my most impactful work.

  • In this training I am going to share with you:
    • What are GPTs and how they are created
    • Practical use cases for marketers
    • Real world examples
    • Live demonstration
    • Ethics and other considerations

  • Join me live on 6th June at 5 pm GMT | 8 am EST and we will together, in this interactive training, explore how you can create your own Ai-powered marketing assistant without any technical knowledge.


“Enjoyed getting my mind blown by Maryrose - thank you very much. Where the latest Ai applications are concerned…the woman is pure genius! Within the first ten minutes, she taught me more on the subject than I ever expected. More actually. Can’t wait for more.”

Robert Alexander, Midlands.

FREE WEBINAR. THURSDAY 6th June at 5 pm GMT | 8 am EST

Why join this free interactive training for marketers?

Led by a marketing and Generative Ai expert, Maryrose Lyons, a future-focused marketer, who is on a mission to help peers/other marketers save time and elevate their work through Ai assistance.

No fluff or tech jargon, this is a course by marketers for marketers. Cut through the noisy lists of tools and prompts and discover how to leverage the power of GPTs, with expert guidance on tool selection, prompt engineering, and implementation. Limited spots available.

From dabbler to power user. Our aim is that you will walk away with the confidence and information you need to start using Ai consistently and productively. No more dabbling or spending hours trying to get the best outputs from your tools.


What people say about us

I wanted to take a moment to share my experience with the Ai for Marketing course I recently completed. Before taking the course, I had heard of ChatGPT but had no idea what it was. My marketing skills were okay, but I knew I needed someone with expertise to review them. That's where Maryrose came in. Thanks to her guidance, I now feel more on top of my marketing than ever before. Although it involved a lot of work, I am very pleased with what I learned and plan to continuously implement it to grow my business and secure some big bookings. It was a great interactive learning environment too and great to see so many of us, getting ahead! I can't thank Maryrose and the course enough for the valuable lessons and insights.

Rachel Moran

Director - Oration Speakers

I completed the course and have grown my business by 25%. I absolutely loved it, it has made me more productive and love the new skills I learned around Ai. Highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have enough hours in the day! Loved learning how to ask the right questions and how to make the most out of marketing as for us it’s where we have seen the greatest drop off in business before the course.

Michelle Lawlor

Nude Wines

Looking back a year, the tools I got from your course proved to be invaluable. I do at least twice as much work using Ai tools with no extra time or effort. I’m sure you remember how much I hated marketing, my attitude has completely changed. I’m not just using ChatGPT for marketing, the more I use Ai the more I’m able to see a bigger picture for my business, plan ahead, set goals. The results are speaking for itself, the growth is obvious in both businesses. I created and trained my own marketing GPT, and downloaded other GPTs for various tasks for HR and Midjourney prompts. Midjourney is my absolute favourite, photographers have started to follow us and comment on the pictures.

Georgia Visnyei

Owner, artessa coffee

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