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Midjourney Essentials: FREE

What three tips for the most advanced image generator ever released will turn your images from 'meh' to 'wow’?  

Whether you use Midjourney every day – or are simply Midjourney-curious – don’t miss this free session.

Who is this for? Everyone. We all need higher quality images in our professional (and personal) lives.

Our Latest Courses

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Ai for Marketing


Start Date:

September 18, 2024

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Want to save 10+ hours per week with AI? Our top course for marketers on how to integrate AI for better marketing results. Discover first-hand how savvy marketers are creating higher quality content, more engaging social posts and marketing campaigns.

€ 599 EUR

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Midjourney for Designers


Start Date:

October 10, 2024

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This course will help you become creatively proficient using Midjourney empowering you to bring out the best in your work. Whether you're a seasoned designer or a curious creative, this course will unravel the mysteries of Midjourney image generation, enabling you to translate your thoughts into stunning visuals that align with your unique vision and client demands.

€ 599 EUR

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Crash Course Copilot


Start Date:

August 22, 2024

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Maximise productivity with MS Copilot! Streamline tasks, never miss meetings, and harness AI effortlessly. Guided by tech expert Beau Warren, this crash course in Copilot will get you up and running - no prior AI experience needed!

€ 120 EUR

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Ai for Beginners


Start Date:

September 17, 2024

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Specifically tailored for non-technical people and beginners who want to introduce AI. This course explores how tools like ChatGPT can revolutionise the way we work. Learn how to craft prompts. Discover an exciting set of curated Ai tools that will change the way you live and work. Consider data privacy, ethics and more while building confidence to integrate AI into your daily workflow.

€ 399 EUR

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Ai for Sales


Start Date:

June 11, 2024

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Enhancing B2B Sales with AI Integration. Designed for Sales Directors, Revenue Officers, and Business Development Managers, this course provides a comprehensive understanding of generative AI applications in sales. Discover strategies to integrate AI effectively, enhancing customer interactions and using predictive analytics to drive informed sales decisions.

€ 799 EUR

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Responsible AI Principles for Leaders


Start Date:

May 22, 2024

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Misguided use of Ai can lead to harmful and expensive outcomes. As responsible business leaders, we all want to use Ai ethically, but how? This course provides practical strategies for applying ethics when using Ai in your business, addressing Data Security and Privacy Risks. With no technical expertise required, learn how to apply responsible AI principles, develop a responsible business culture, navigate regulations, and implement responsible workflows.

€ 799 EUR

AI Evolved: Discover What's New Since Your Last Trip With Us


Start Date:

August 29, 2024

Buy Now

Join us on 29 August 2024 at 12 pm GMT / 8 am EST for our second AI Evolved Event, to refresh your knowledge and discover the latest in the world of GenAI. This exclusive bonus session 'Community Ai Evolved' is your ticket to refreshing your knowledge and connecting with a community of AI enthusiasts. Exclusively available for previous course alumni. We look forward to welcoming you back.

€ 0 EUR

Our Values

Quality & Trust

Committed to delivering the most up-to-date education and content of the highest quality, continually striving for excellence in everything we do.

Lifelong Learning

We promote continuous learning and adaptation, recognising that AI is a field that constantly evolves.


Embrace innovation and forward thinking in the field of AI, encouraging creative problem-solving and the exploration of new technologies.


Believe in making AI education accessible to all, breaking down barriers and ensuring that knowledge is within reach for a diverse audience.

What They're Saying...


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It is truly remarkable how your course has changed my perspective. Our website sales are up 20% since I started. It's the first time ever I've managed to work ahead! Thank you for making this journey possible.

Georgia Visnyei, Artessa Coffee
I give this course 5/5 for the following reasons: it's live, so questions are dealt with there and then. There is homework, to reinforce learning. It's recorded. The tools and examples are great. Maryrose is very engaging: no boredom here!

Caroline Stapleton, Copywriter
Great course in terms of getting a feel for whats happening in AI right now, how to use some of the tools to make work a little faster and easier. Gives you the confidence to talk about AI with others and demystifies the landscape and number of options out there. AI is not coming for your job, people who know how to use AI are coming for your job... we're all on the right side of that statement now thanks to the course.

Geraldine Penney, Contracting Plus
I completed the course and have grown my business by 25%. I absolutely loved it, it has made me more productive and love the new skills I learned around A.I. I highly recommend this course to anyone who doesn’t have enough hours in the day!

Michelle Lawlor, Nude Wines
I came into this course with zero experience of Chat GPT & AI Marketing, I am leaving it, with the intention of using it daily to save time & produce better quality material. I really enjoyed it & took lots away from it. A lot of information packed into the classes, all very engaging & I learnt something from each one. Maryrose helped quash the fears regarding AI & highlighted how to use it correctly within a business & how easily it can be incorporated.

Deirdre Hendrick, Teamworx Recruitment
I would recommend this course to anyone who communicates online whether for business or not. You need this. It got my brain working and I had a lot of fun.

Emma El Sahn, Uisce Éireann Irish Water
This course is a great jumpstart into the world of AI. It's highly beneficial for smaller teams looking to execute mass a of content, or sales teams who are looking to better connect with their target audience.

Claire Owens, The Convention Centre Dublin
The course was brilliant, I loved every minute of it, very engaging and so practical and applicable to all our businesses. Maryrose has an incredible level of expertise and knowledge about the latest tech and AI and how we can apply them in our business.

Marie Clare Byard, Now Media Live
I can definitely see the benefit of using AI to improve my performance and achieve more and have learned an awful lot in the few weeks. Maryrose is very knowledgeable and I enjoy her presenting style.

Jayann Walsh, Osborne - Recruitment Consultancy
As someone completely new to AI tools, I was astounded by the depth of the content and the trainer’s ability to distil complex concepts into a clear view.  They cut through the hype and showed us the apps and offerings that are most relevant for our firm. What impressed me most was the practical approach. Through hands-on exercises and examples, I developed the skills I need to effectively utilise AI. Now, I feel confident in making data-driven decisions, automating tasks, and identifying potential talent more efficiently.

Cora Barnes, Three Q Recruitment
I really enjoyed the Digital Marketing with ChatGPT course. I've learned about lots of different tools and how to get the best out of ChatGPT. She's a superb trainer, and engages with you and the class at every level to share ideas and troubleshoot ideas. I got more from the course than anticipated and it was great fun along the way!

Joanne Hurley, A&L Goodbody

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