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Ready to create 'head-turning' images in Midjourney fast?

If you are a designer, artist, creative or online store owner you are going to love our brand new free, Three essentials of Midjourney mini course, where we will show you three of our top tips that will take your Midjourney images from 'meh' to 'wow'.

There is no doubt that the power of using Midjourney to support the creative process is both inspiring and sometimes overwhelming. But one thing will always hold true:

The output is only as good as the input.

This instant access free Midjourney mini course, takes you through 3 powerful prompting lessons that you can start using TODAY. Are you ready to unlock the power of Midjourney, and stay ahead of the competition? Let's go!

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My name is Marshall Atkinson and I am the Instructor of the Midjourney for Designers course and the publisher of the Midjourney Elevating Print Creativity Newsletter.

I am a business consultant living in Arizona, USA, a recognised educator and industry thought leader. I was also elected to the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies in 2020.

If you are a busy creative or online store owner and are ready to use Midjourney CONSISTENTLY and with reliable outputs then you are in the right place.

Start Our 'Three Essentials of Midjourney' Mini Course

We are proud to be providing this short course, for free, to allow designers, artists, online store owners and creatives to start using Midjourney and see, first hand, the impact that using Midjourney can have on their work and creative output.

If you are ready to ditch the expensive stock image search and images that simply 'do the job' we invite you to join us.

"... I felt like the car was driving me, now I've got the foundations and the basics that I can drive the car ..."

Kris Bayers,
Horrible Brands


You'll get instant access to:

  • 3 tutorials on prompting and getting the most out of Midjourney that you can take action on TODAY.

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  • Information on how to access additional trainings, specific to your profession (including our popular Midjourney course) to help you stand out from the competition.


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