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Introducing our brand new free, Intro to Ai for Professionals Mini Course. Designed for busy professionals who are ready to kickstart their Ai journey. This instant access free Ai course, takes you through 3 Ai tools that you can start using TODAY. Are you ready to boost your productivity, and stay ahead of the competition? Let's go!

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My name is Maryrose Lyons and I am the founder of the Ai Institute.

I've led over 600 people how to demystify Ai, overcome the overwhelm, and understand how to use Ai safely and ethically to supercharge their workday.

If you are a busy professional ready to use Ai CONSISTENTLY and safely but don't know where to start - then you are in the right place.

Start our Intro to Ai for Professionals Mini Course for FREE today

I am proud to be providing this short course, for free, to allow ANYONE to start using Ai in their workday and see, first hand, the impact that the right Ai tools can have in changing the way we work and what we spend our time doing.

Hint: less boring, monotonous tasks, and more strategy and impactful work!

"Hit all the right notes in terms of new tools to explore, pre-vetting saves heaps of time... time very well spent.”

Julie Rothwell

Digital Specialist

You'll get instant access to:

  • 3 tutorials on tools you can start using today to increase your productivity, reduce time on tasks and supercharge your work day.

  • Access to our private newsletter packed with useful Ai tips and advice from the Ai Institute team and other industry experts.

  • Information on how to access additional trainings, specific to your profession to help you stand out from the competition.


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Meet your instructor

Maryrose Lyons

Join Maryrose Lyons, a seasoned digital expert with over 20 years of experience, in our beginner-friendly Ai course. Celebrated for her ability to demystify Ai concepts, Maryrose will lead you through the process of integrating Ai into your workflow, sharing prompts and techniques to help you maximise the value.

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