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Our Course Creators Are All Industry Leaders

Maryrose Lyons

Digital Marketing OG. Ai for Marketing Course Creator. Founder of Ai Institute. Ai for Beginners guide.

Find out why she loves Ai

Daniel O'Neill

Ai Sales Guru Daniel O'Neill unlocks growth with AI strategies. Learn from him and win more deals!

Ai sales secrets this way

Ben Bland

Chair of the Global Working Group on Ethics in Ai. Course creator of our Ethics for Leaders course.

Let's talk about Ai Ethics

Marshall Atkinson

Artist and Art Director on why he loves Midjourney. Meet our Midjourney for Designers Course Creator.

Designers walk this way

Richard Skinner

At home amidst the complex landscapes of enterprise networks. Ai for Enterprise Ops course.

More on Enterprise Ops

Meet The Course Creators
Maryrose Lyons
Ai for Marketing
Join Maryrose Lyons, a seasoned digital marketing expert with over 20 years of experience, in our beginner-friendly AI course. Renowned for making complex AI concepts easily understandable, Maryrose guides you through practical, engaging lessons to integrate AI into your workflow.
Marshall Atkinson
Midjourney for Designers
Marshall Atkinson is a recognised educator and industry thought leader. He is the publisher of the Midjourney Elevating Print Creativity Newsletter. Marshall is a business consultant living in Arizona, USA. He was elected to the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies in 2020.
Richard Skinner
Ai for Enterprise Ops
Richard's experience spans working with large multinationals in the MedTech, Pharma, Clinical Research, and Insurance industries. Richard has also provided strategic guidance to numerous startups across various sectors, demonstrating a deep understanding of enterprise architecture and C-Suite strategy.
Ben Bland
Ai Ethics
​​Ben Bland works at the nexus of innovation, operations and product strategies, technology ethics, and digital media. He chairs a global working group developing one of the world’s first standards in ethical AI. Ben consults and lectures in innovation practise, progressive business operations and technology ethics.

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We promote continuous learning and adaptation, recognising that AI is a field that constantly evolves.


Embrace innovation and forward thinking in the field of AI, encouraging creative problem-solving and the exploration of new technologies.


Believe in making AI education accessible to all, breaking down barriers and ensuring that knowledge is within reach for a diverse audience.

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