Top AI Productivity Tools for Meeting Transcription: Save Time and Enhance Efficiency

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June 18, 2024

Save time on meeting transcription tools. Fathom is free, Otter is reliable, Fireflies is best avoided, and we're currently testing Tl;dv.

Working as part of a hybrid team? Do you spend a large part of your life on Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet?
Are you the one responsible for piecing together notes from various participants and issuing follow-up actions?

AI Meeting Transcription Tools are here to save you valuable time (unless meetings are abolished altogether, that is!).

In this insight, we'll review some of today's best AI meeting transcription tools and explain how they can make recording information easier, faster, and more accurate. We'll look at the highs and the lows, with user experience, customer service, and pricing all rated for you.

1 - Fathom - It's Free!

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What Fathom offers:

  • Records audio, transcribes notes, captures key moments, and generates summaries effortlessly.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Zoom and Google Meet.
  • The user experience is intuitive with a clean, straightforward interface.

Favourite Feature: 

Automated highlights – effortlessly bookmark important moments during the meeting.


  • We've noticed that Fathom sometimes struggles with industry-specific jargon and complex technical terms, which can lead to inaccuracies. This means we often need to review and correct these sections manually, which can be a bit time-consuming.
  • From our experience, the transcription accuracy can drop significantly if the audio quality isn't great. Background noise or unclear speech tends to interfere with its performance, so clear, high-quality audio input is crucial.
  • While Fathom integrates well with major platforms, we've had issues trying to integrate it with less common or proprietary systems. The lack of seamless functionality with certain tools can be a hassle.


  • Free!
  • Interesting pricing model by Fathom of providing a good robust freemium version. You get used to it, all your meetings are stored there, when you grow you'll likely stay with them. It's like the Mailchimp pricing model of the remote meetings world.

PS: Use our referral code to gain a bonus 3 months of their most advanced AI meeting summaries for free. [Referral Link]

2 - Otter - Reliable and Well-Known

What Otters offers:

  • Records audio, writes notes, automatically captures slides, and generates summaries with ease.
  • Integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams by appearing as an additional meeting participant.
  • User experience is strong, offers a feature-rich service without feeling cumbersome.

Favourite Feature: 

  • Automated summary!
  • Provides high accuracy and real-time transcription.
  • Offers integration with major meeting platforms and cloud services.


  • Turning it off in meetings isn't as straightforward as you'd like, which can lead to inadvertent recordings.
  • At around €15 per month, it's good value if used regularly. Be mindful of recording more than you need!


  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $16.99/Monthly - or you pay annual in advance for $9.17 per month
  • Business: $30/Monthly - or annual in advance at $20 per month

3 - Fireflies - Avoid It!

{Do not under any circumstances, use Fireflies.} 

What it offers:

  • Records, transcribes, summarises, and generates action items like any other tool.

Why Avoid It:

  • Busy and unappealing user interface.
  • Unfriendly pricing practices: Users often find themselves signed up for unwanted services.
  • Customer service is unhelpful and rigid in their approach to billing queries.


  • Free trial leads directly to paid plans without clear notification.

4 - Tl;dv - Currently Testing

What it offers:

  • Records meetings, transcribes notes and provides summaries.
  • Integrates with Zoom and Google Meet.
  • Offers an intuitive and clean user interface.

Favourite Feature: 

Loving the ability to select a clip from the meeting recording and share as video content on socials!


  • Still assessing the tool’s full potential. We'll update this as soon as we're finished.


  • Currently under evaluation the best deal!
  • It goes from Free to $59 per month or a custom Enterprise price. 

But if you want to go for a free trial and then get a 30% discount for the first 6 months - here is our referral code. [Referral Link]

What Other AI Meeting Transcription Tools Should We Review?

Drop us a message [] and let us know. Or share your results of using AI-powered meeting transcription tools – how much time are you saving? Do you find the summaries accurate? Tell us!

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